September 7, 2006

Weeks 23 &24 - two for the price of one!

Greetings and thanks for praying!!

A short one for these 2 weeks.

To sum up:
I’m back at the office, kids here are back in school, it’s too chilly for flipflops, and I think it’s official, my Slovak Summer is over :(. I have transitioned back into a more normal schedule the past week. The past few weeks, I have been coming to terms with the fact that I now have two places I call “home.” It’s hard because sometimes I wish I was back in the US but I know that to do that, I would have to leave Slovakia. The best solution I have come up with is airlifting Slovakia and relocating it somewhere off the coast of Virginia. :)

Here in Presov everyone else is transitioning too. Most are just getting out of the summer mindset, but a lot of people are moving on to new adventures Simon went back to Switzerland, Viktor moved to England for a year, Zuzka got married and moved to Poprad, Miazga is leaving MPK to work elsewhere, and Rina will be attending a Youth ministry training program in France for a year. These are all people I was building relationships with. I’m excited that they are all headed off on their own adventures, but I’m sad that they won’t be such a part of my adventure anymore.

The end of this month is Timothy School. It’s a weekend for new believers, a sort of discipleship jumpstart. Very excitingly, it will be the first even at the ranch in Svarin! There are some obstacles in the way, it looks like we may only be able to buy half of the ranch and will have to rent the other half. Also there are a lot of things to get Timothy School up and running. We are praying here that the right people will come, and that everything will go smoothly with the new location.

The play by play:
The week traveling was a great way to end the summer. It was a very relaxing trip with a good balance of down time, and seeing cool stuff. Rado, Roman, and I left Monday afternoon on a train for Zilina where we met up with Mirka, Lenka, and Dominika. (I think you will really enjoy the pictures just click through the set
We stayed in Mirka’s flat and spent the time in Zilina meandering, and helping in the YFC Café there. Kompas Café is a really neat place. Much bigger than Café Most here in Presov will be. (pictures coming soon to a flickr near you).
We left Zilina Thursday afternoon for a 4 our train ride to Bratislava (Capital City of Slovakia) we got in in the evening, dropped our bags off where we were staying and headed back out to see Bratislava at night. The lights. The Danube. The architecture. The castle lit up on the hill. It was beautiful. I saw a lot of things that I hadn’t seen when I was in Bratislava a few months ago. Saturday we went to the open house at Slovak television. I thought it was wonderful fun and very neat to see all the studios and equipment. Roman thought so too and I think everyone else was just humoring us most of the time :) the rest of the time there we hung out visited the presidential gardens and walked around. There was a coronation reenactment that weekend so there were all sorts of booths and street actors. We couldn’t go to see the actual coronations but watched them on a big screen in the square.

on to the second week....
Monday I slept in and was back in the office by lunch, and I’ve been at the regular time the rest of the week. It was very nice to sleep in but also to have some normalcy/structure back in my life after CampFest Craziness and two weeks of vacation. This week (and probably part of next week) I am working on video from the opening of the evening program at CampFest. There were dancers, music, video, and I’m combining video from three evenings into one video for the CF ’06 DVD. It is a challenge, but I am having fun working on it.I’m spending my evenings cleaning and sorting and basicly reclaiming my room from the clutter :)
All in all not a very interesting week to write about, but tomorrow I have an appointment to get my hair cut and possibly dyed.

Please continue to pray:
~For preparations for Timothy School at the end of September
~For staff changes in the office
~For Zuzka, Viktor, Miazga and Rina in their new places.
~For my Slovak Learning (Must. Study. More!)

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