September 7, 2006


i'm leaning toward #4

very possibly with this coloring but more chestnut than black.

my appointment is at 16:00 (10AM EST) Friday. weigh in before then :)


micah guy who is commenting against his will said...

i like # 1. take that with a grain of whatever you take a grain of something with in Slovakia, however, because aside from the color, they all look alike to me. well, ok, there is something slighly differnt about 5, but i can't quite put my finger on it.

whichever you choose, you'll look good, attractive, or (if you go with 5) maybe "striking"

ok, i'm out (like a trout)

yes, as in fodder.

the littlest sister said...

micah is funny. try to hang on to that one..

i like you no matter what ur hair does.

ps did u call my phone today? the msg was rill crackly... and it was the middle of solid mech lab... right after abi called in the middle of my 8am class... love you both.

send pics immediately of the new hair!!!


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