September 6, 2006


more specifically, thngs i am threatening to DO to my hair.

Cast your votes people....

#1 - this color this cut?

#2 - the bangs here might be a bit blunt...and i really am serious about going very imagine it darker...and maybe with bangs like below or above.

#3 - darker, platinum is just not me cause roots and maintaining them are SO not me...but the cut might be my personal favorite

#4 - again with the darker, but i am actually considering this, it's not just here for shock value

#5 - maybe in pink....or blue....or pink and blue....

ok this one really is here for shock value :) (MATTHEW!! do not vote for this one!!)


AmiDawn said...

3 or 4... hard to imagine how they'll look on you... OOH! can u do that photoshoppy thing and put ur face in the haircut? try that... it could be a lot of fun and i would like to see it :)

Your Social Coordinator said...

I vote #4 with the specifications I made via email and with the red in chunks not highlights. I like it...I also would enjoy seeing your face photoshopped onto those models :) (#3 is ok too) but 4 is my fav!

Abi said...

check this site out... especially this pic.,GGLG:2005-37,GGLG:en%26sa%3DX
WHOA!!! that's just too impressive for me to take out.. normally I would have taken it out and tryed to make it a link, but seeing as I don't know how to do that.. I'll leave that thing on your site FOREVER!

Abi said...

If you are thinking short here's another one I thought you might enjoy:
slightly shorter web address, but you get the point..

Stasi said...

i have better things to do than play with organize mmy to do list :) and the bathroom hasnt been cleaned since before CampFest!! thing about the hichlights would be thati'd have to grow them out

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