September 9, 2006


well the hair crisis in Slovakia has a happy ending:)
old hair

new hair
i love it.
The stylist liked my “natural” color (aka combination of roots and the leftovers of 2 home dye jobs) so we left it at that. I may go back and change the color later....but for now it is enough change that You can see the back of my neck
The lady who cut it kept saying “super” which was a nice change from my gramma who cut it all through High school, she always used to say “oops”....
I am going to get some gel or something, but it is fairly wash and wear thanks to the fact that "unruly" is "in" and that annoying flippy thing in the back looks like I spent time doing it!! the stylist and rina kept sayng that my hair must have been curly....i told them it jsut has attitude problems!

this is the last i'll talk about my hair on here....
except to say that it only cost about $4.75!


Stephen M. James said...

Yeah, I can't get my hair buzzed for that money!


Minion said...

Oh Em Gee! You look suprizingly like your mother!

*hums stasi's mom song....* :P

Wombat said...

Very cute, Stasi.

Stasi said...

Stephen, are you saying it look slike i got attacked by a razor?

Matt, i'm taking that as a compliment :)

wombat, Thanks

jenni said...

whoa, you really meant that it was all gone! i love it, it's really fun!
you'll need scarves for sure come this winter! thanks for the help - hopefully i can figure it out from the link you sent...way to go and be brave - chopping all your hair off, whew!

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