September 12, 2006


why it is a good thing my micah is not a zooologist (doesn't that sound like a sort of cult, you know like the sort of thing you announce at family dinner to scandalize your grandmother and your friends stage an intervention about? i always thought it might be fun to have my friends stage an intervention cause i think i'd get feisty if someone was intervening me. i'm always up for an excuse to get feisty!! wow that was a long tangent!)
in the conversation about the flying squirrel (which will live in ben's closet): "Dude's nocturnal, she doesn't need air."
i am reminded why i'm a fan.

(also, if you type in campfest video on google, i'm the first result!!)


Abi said...

zooologist would be a fun thing for Micah to be, but I may intervene because you are dating a 'technical writer'... how boring... how's that going? we need to talk soon.

Rachel said...

Stasi, you crack me up! Also, your short hair is so cute!!!

Miss Brenda said...

Wait! I think I know where the extra 'o' from surgean went...
Also--congrats on being the first in the google campfest line. So proud of you for beating out that drinking in the woods video.

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