May 5, 2009

Kilts....I'm Just Sayin'

I just wanted to share these pictures from about a month back. These were taken out of our apartment window in Grove City. Not the sort of place you usually run into a group of people in kilts.
Out my window
Earlier in the morning Micah and I saw a single man in a kilt walking into the side door of the church. We figured it was an anomaly, and I was quite sad that my cameras were both inside with dead batteries. (I am my mother’s daughter)
But later in the afternoon we discovered that kilt man was not an anomaly. One is an anomaly, two is a coincidence but more that is definitely a Trend. A Kilt Trend. in Grove City. who knew!
Guys in Kilts
And I think that 8 kilts (in formation no less) defies definition! Although I guess one was a girl so it was merely a plaid skirt...but STILL! I'm just sayin'


Abi said...


Abi said...


Abi said...

i do not know why I commented twice? (and now three times) I am becoming my little one. 'Why, Why, Why' 'Doing?,Doing?, Doing?' 'Going?, Going?, Going?'

David said...

It looks as if they are part of a pipe band, if you would like more info on bagpipe music please go to


Kind Regards,


MrsW said...

Yup - that's a band - the guy decked out in the animal skin will be on a drum - and the girl's wearing a kilt... they're cross-gender, just like jeans :)

Stasi said...

who knew that kilts would get the conversation started.
David & MrsW, I was most interested that they were in Grove City.
Regardless of what they were doing there, it is not an everyday sight. Good to know Kilts are unisex!

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