May 22, 2009


I'm starting my day off with a little playing here. I could very easily become a fix-it friday addict.

ponytailsCropped to get rid of the headroom
PW's Bring on the eyes - Flatten
PW's Boost action with the zing layer at 50%
Copy Background layer blend mode to multiply at 32%
MCP Touch of light Touch of Dark
Masked Light onto her face - 51% Opacity 33% Fill
Masked dark onto the background - 100%
PW Quick edge burn and additionally masked out the center some with a medium grey

I think it's still a little orange or green or somehting but i need to get to work :)

I played some with de-saturation and selective color that I didn't keep track of what the settings or steps were because I didn't expect it to turn out so darn cute!


Katarina said...

I absolutely LOVE the second one. Way to go.

Rebecca said...

Nice color effects. Makes it interesting.

AJ said...

Nice work!

Elizabeth said...


Niecey said...

Good job. I like how the tones are more even.

Mandi said...

I love the second one. I like the muted picture with a little color pop!

Mindy said...

WOnderful edits - very nice!

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