November 2, 2006

week 30-32

the "weekly" update e-mail :)

Well, Slovakia is still here and even though I may have briefly disappeared from the updating scene, I am still here too.

I have fallen into a rather basic routine around here, with colder weather (there was SNOW in the air this morning) things are slowing down, and I’m not getting out much. The past weeks were spent tweaking the video from CampFest and the music video. They are currently waiting on approval before I can say they are totally done. We’re also waiting on some technical needs before Roman and I can start editing all the stuff from CampFest 2006.

Well, honestly that’s the extent of big news around here but I’ll follow that with some little tidbits from the past few weeks

Marian forbade me to come to the office while Ron & Ruth were here. I got to show them around Presov which I fall a bit more in love with all the time. We went into some shops that I have been a bit intimidated to do on my own. And the second evening, we had a good dinner with Marian and Ludka. I had such a refreshing two days with them.

Things in the office are moving along in a rather jerky manner but they are moving. There have been some problems with the quality and speed of the work being done, but we are trusting Gods timing (or at least trying our best. It’s hard sometimes) The outside is mostly done and the building is blue! Realllly blue!!! On any given day it could be a cross between a construction zone, a domestic dispute(they are just joking), a garage sale, a hip hop concert, and an opera....every now and then it might resemble an office if you use your imagination.... i love it here :)

On the language front, I still don’t study enough but I am improving. I have occasional setbacks to my ego. Some are discouraging like the time I misread the expiration date on my bus pass then when the controller checked the day after it actually expired, I couldn’t understand a word of what she was saying. Or the time that I held up the entire line at Lunch trying to explain that I only had a half-portion to the cashier. But some are funny. Like when I ordered “Empty cheese” instead of “fried Cheese” for lunch and the time I confused words for hiccupping and waiting. Mostly I am able to laugh at myself with everyone else and resolve to study more and listen closer.

I have had some pretty homesick days the past few weeks. A slump around the 6 month mark is normal and I’m pulling through ok. Please do continue to pray.

This past weekend I was asked to video a wedding for a couple who used to work with MPK here. It was a fun experience, and a great chance to see what weddings here are like. At the reception one of the guys I knew from Church taught me how to dance some Slovak dances. I had so much fun with that. I also got very dizzy! I will spend a fair deal of time the next week or so editing that footage together for Mark and Katka.

Thank you for praying, I’ve had some stellar days that are the result of your prayers and some days that I’m certain I survived only because of your prayers. God is faithful.

Please continue to pray:
~ That I will continue to be “all here” on the downhill side of my year
~ For relationships with MPK and churches
~The everpresent need to communicate and my dislike of studying

You are making a difference in Slovakia and we are so thankful!


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TC said...

I'm excited to hear about your ever improving language skills!

And you what? We all say stupid things in other languages, even years after we thought we mastered them. You'll be fine. :)

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