November 12, 2006

Oh, I'd Like to Visit the Moon

:) made me smile....i am not going to the moon, but tomorrow morning i am going to the Ranch in Svarin with the MPKaci (YFCers in English) and Tuesday morning i'm going to Kosice from Svarin (BY MYSELF on a bus and THEN switching to, and buying my own ticket for, A TRAIN!!! scary!) I'm going to the airport in Kosice because MICAH IS COMING for my birthday. Best Present EVER!! if you dont hear from Slovakia for a while, it's not because i'm on the moon, it's cause i'm over the moon! (was that corny?)
also, i would look much better in a space helmet!


TC said...

I love that photo. That rocks.

Corny, perhaps, but that's okay. I'd be as happy as you are. Have a great birthday!

And good luck with the ticket purchasing... we had help buying our tickets, but almost didn't get off at the right train stop once, so I understand your fear!

Abi said...

You need to zoom over to miss brenda and see the noodle hat.. sure to brighten your day! :)

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