November 8, 2006

sweet mix-ups

i post these things so you will laugh with me.

last week when i was feeling down, Kexo looked at me and said "sugar me, baby" Apparently it's a Slovak figure of speach that doesnt translate, he meant tell me something happy. I explained why i was shocked, he explained why i shouldn't be and we had a good laugh over the language barrier.

this afternoon i was trying to decide what kind of cookies to bake this evening. over skype, my mom suggested the kind with hershey's kisses. turns out you can not get Hershey kisses in Slovakia. they have no clue what they are even, that part is sad to me.

the funny part happened when I turned around and asked Kexo and Roman "can you get Hershey Kisses here?"
Roman turned a nice shade of red, and Kexo pointed to his wedding band.

the language barrier strikes again.

i expalined. everyone laughed. jokes were made that next week while micah is here there shouldn't be any shortage of kisses in Slovakia.



TC said...

Oh those are great! :)

I love language barriers when they are fun and everyone can laugh about them. It's only when they aren't fun that it's sad.

AmiDawn said...

hey i think im the one who suggested the kisses... get ur facts straight girlie!
love u lots!!!
im goin home this weekend (fri and sat)(hopefully) so i'll prolly mail the charger and the fish then!

love u

Miss Brenda said...

If only I had known I would have sent you kisses. Love you!

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