November 22, 2006

My Micah, my fiance

Tete Hideswow it's weird to type fiance. its even weirder to say it out loud. and it's sad to know that he left for the airport and i wont see him for four more months. I'd love to update yall on his time here but i'm not feeling well today. so i'm headed back to bed. I hate being sick in bed today especially since i took the whole week he was here off and really the last thing i want to do is lay in bed today with my thoughts, but there is no helping it, i have a fever, a viscious cough, a persistent headache and generally feel like i have been hit by a truck.
I felt icky the whole time micah was here but i pushed myself. not necescarily the best decision i'm sure, but i do not regret it. poor Micah though, he was starting to cough when he left.
anyway to try and diffuse the sad state of both me and this post and to tide you over till i am up to really filling in the details enjoy a few pictures....
Micah the ExplorerKapustany HradTwo reasons i love MicahSparkles!!!


TC said...

Is the ring new?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?

Stasi said...

yup :)

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