November 6, 2006

new word: cintorin

It means cemetary, this is a seasonal post. Halloween isnt really a big deal here, but All Saints Day (november 1st) is.

Instead of dressing up in costumes and going door to door begging candy, they head to the cemetaries. Most people in Slovakia do not move around as much as people in the US and so people are very likely to live in the same town where their great-grandparents are burried. And so, with arms full of flowers and a bag of candles to place on the graves of relatives and friends who are burried there everyone heads to the cemetary. The result is beautiful, all the graves covered in flowers and candles. I owe Roman and Ander a huge thank you for telling me that i had to go and take my camera. more photos at my flickr site

But it wasn't only beautiful from the visual point of view. It was moving to see how full the cemetary was and the decorated graves of those who were really loved there. The flowers and candles served as almost a measure for how loved and remembered and missed a person was.

I found myself selfishly wanting to know that 30 years after I died people would still be remembering me. On the other hand, I don't want my friends and family to dwell on my being gone, because I will not be in that granite tomb. I will have bigger and better things to concern me than what kind of candles or what color flowers are on my grave.
I will be home in the presence of the King!!


TC said...

Those are amazing photos. Nice job!

Stasi said...

thanks TC, the photos dont even begin to do it justice!

Katie said...

sounds kinda spooky...

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