November 15, 2006

hes baaack

micah is here safely for those of you concerned. we managed to get from Kosice to Presov on Public transportation and his bag only cost 15 cents to get it's own seat on the bus...we watched a jimmy stewart movie took a walk holding hands and played the wahdda you wanna do i dunno whadda you wanna do game.
plans now include pricing tickets to Budapest, and hiking to a castle if the weather gets nice.
if i hadn't forgotten my camera cable in Svarin, i would post some of the pictures of him cuddling the kangaroos last night on my couch. poor boy was too jet lagged and tired to do anyhting about me and my camera....Muwahahaha!!


TC said...

haha, that's great! Can't wait to see those photos! :)

your birth mother said...

Yeah for Micah in Slovakia.
Happy real birthday. I, of course, know when your birthday is. I just don't know what day it is currently!

TC said...

Oh, happy birthday!!!!


KTmato said...

Happy Birthday a day late!!!!
I miss you!! I love you!!
When you called yesterday I squealed and cried and laughed! In that order

AmiDawn said...

hey wheres the sparkly!?!?!

Abigail said...

Happy Belated birthday and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to read some details on your blog. I hope you're enjoying your time with Micah.

Minion said...


Katie said...

wow. i don't check up on you for a couple of weeks and I miss everything! Happy Birthday. So I'm guessing the pretty ring in the pics means your engaged! Congrats! YAY! Yipee.

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