March 25, 2011

Look who came to visit!!!

At the start of March My nephew Nick came to visit. He has the bluest eyes EVER. My sister forbids retouching them. They are SOOC (except for a little sharpening).

One thing about Nick, he's a climber. It's amazing really. There is a stool below him that got cropped out but still, the kid stood on the cabinet knobs to reach the sink so he could play in the water. I took pictures, his mom made him get down....I win.
Is my nephew not the cutest thing EVER!
Oh yeah, Abi & Claire came too. ;)


AmiDawn said...

thanks for my new background on my work computer!

Katie said...

I'm glad I was sitting down!!

Abi said...

Hello Stasi. March is over, April is over, May is marching toward halfway over... what have you been doing in all that time. Just mooning over us leaving? While flattering and sweet I'd love to know what else is new. :) I love you. I hope you are just too busy being fabulous to post.

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