March 24, 2011

Help Wanted

I did some gardening last week when the sun was out and it was warm. (unlike today when it snowed) Of course in March and with my level of skill (which is low) all I did really was pull things up: last years weeds and dead leaves and a few more feet of the sod that had grown over the stone path. (The path goes the whole way to the front porch after all and much further down the hill than I thought.) Keith gave me a crash course in what is and isn't Digitalis, so I hope I managed to leave all of those.

I was feeling bad that everything was dead but look what I found under last year's dead weeds!!

Here's the part where I need help. See these 3 plants? They make a number of appearances in the flower bed. I need to know if they should be pulled up or tended to.
The one on the left looks familiar to me, not sure if that means it's a flower or that it's poisonous. On the bottom right we have a plant that is not Digitalis but has spread and is now a sort of ground cover all along the back half of the bed. What i need to know is if it was on purpose or not. The top right is just a bad picture :/ the leaves look kind of like roses meet shamrocks. will they turn into flowers or just be weeds? So many questions!

Also, if anyone knows anything about grapevines, we have a mess here and all I know is they should probably not be allowed to continue climbing the pine tree or encroaching further onto the yard.


Miss Brenda said...

The one on the left looks like a weed to me. I would pull them out and plant something I recognized in its place. The bottom right is a ground cover which will bloom purple flowers. I can't remember what it is called. I would leave it or transplant it and let it spread some where else I didn't want to mow. The top right may be either columbines or bleeding hearts. Maybe I should fly out there and see for myself. Either way, I would let them grow. I don't know about the grapevines, except you could make wreaths for all your many windows. And I could be making this all up because I am jealous of your daffodil sprouts.
And I love you.

Kristine said...

elizabeth commented on your blog, so here i am :) i enjoyed the couple posts i read, and your photos. i'm glad you are asking questions before you just pull things up or hack them down! i tend to just pull and break before i think, "oh, that might be something that's supposed to be here." when we first moved in here, i broke off a bunch of branches on a tree (it was november so it was brittle enough) b/c it was kinda blocking a path i was trying to walk repeatedly through. turned out it was an orange azalea tree. oops. it's starting to grow back. my consolation is that my mother-in-law was the originator of the idea and was helping me to break branches off and she knows more than i do about plants (which, by the way, is nothing) and my other consolation is that deciduous trees tend to grow back :) oh wait, i do know more than nothing about plants. i know one thing: i like perennials that the previous owner planted (and that i didn't accidentally kill already).

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