March 24, 2011

Hubby blogger?

I am thinking of starting a new genre of blogging: the Hubby blogger.
Forget you, mommy bloggers, my Husband does way cooler (and often more entertaining) things than your kids ever will!

Look at this cabinet he refinished (sad, there is no picture with the drawers he built)

And the Compost bin he built us

and the chicken coop he is tearing down...With his bare hands (well, he was wearing gloves, and he did hit things with a sledgehammer a few times...)

and the Boat he's building.

and the counter he made for our bathroom.

Plus he's downright handsome in a fire hat don't you agree
I love him so much, he might not feel the same after he sees that firehat picture on the internet though.... :)


Brenda's Man said...

I miss you two! and love you as well!

AmiDawn said...

i am impressed by your hubby and all the things he can do/is doing. you should come visit sometime!

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