May 16, 2011

Wood fired Hot tub.

I know I have been missing for awhile. Plenty of old stories, and I'll share Mother's day picnic photos some time, but just look what we did tonight...

Really I did nothing. Micah and Ben started this on Saturday evening, but the problem with a wood fired hot tub is that if it rains, your tub never gets hot.
Today Micah put the finishing touches on and yes, I did get in.


Abi said...

Oh how I wish we were coming for memorial day... I'm so glad it worked! love you all :)

Abi said...

Not that your hubby isn't hot stuff and all but I'd love something new to look at when I check your blog early in the morning. Thanks :)

p.s. you can feel free to share my adj. with Micah. I know he'll appreciate that.

Miss Brenda said...

I just came to look at this again,and to raise your view count. Love you!

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