March 8, 2005


i love people
i am happy...about everyhitng....(except that matt is sad.) even if it is going to get cold and icky again tomorrow!
i called brian the Slovakia Guy back and i'm workign hard to get my application finshed so that when he goes to Slovakia on Thursday he can take it to the field director and go over it together. so i need to finish it so i can fax he can get he can take it when he leaves the country... so i can get out of the country. Greece this summer whet my appetite for traveling out of the country and i'm jsut ready to go. I dont have a specific call to anywhere right now i'm pushing to get htis slovakia thing done i realized that any group that will take me and let me work with media and get me out of the country with a camera every so often and arent satanists i would probably say yes to on the spot. i was worried that htis meant i should be waiting on the Lord more. (which is never a bad thing really) but i think that sometimes if someone sepnds days doing nothing but seeking God's will they wont get very far because they arent moving. i'm of the opinion that you can only steer somethign that's moving compare what happens if you violently turn the wheel of a car sitting in the driveway to what happens if you tweak the wheel jsut a little going 70 down the highway. so i plow ahead untill God puts a brick wall in my face then i slow down and look to see wether i should turn right or left then i start going again until i get a nudge one way or the other an open window or a closed door.

I'm so happy here's the reason why Jesus took my burdens all awaaay
Now i'm singing as the days go by Jesus took my burdens all away
Once my heart was heavy with a load of sin
Jesus took the sin and gave me peace within my heart
and now i'm singing as the days go by jesus took my burdens all away!!!!
*a bit of a sunday-school sing-along for you. i told you i'm in a good mood!!*

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