March 26, 2005

a new chapter

And Time marches on, Time Marches on
The south moves north, the north moves south
A star is born, a star burns out
The only thing that stays the same
Is everything changes, Everything changes


tonight i had dinner with herman. a wonderful time. i dressed up, (thanks mom and Abi, the back pants were the right decision)and i looked good. wore my new red coat! dinner was wonderful i had chicken roma and Herman had a wonderful ensemble of Salmon Goat Cheese and Salad. there was an 80 year old lady with a tiara (i had a moment of envy) and lots of peopel takign pictures. I feel like i should jsut say that i have not slept since 900 friday morning and it is 1130 saturday night. i was in rare form at dinner, nothing got past me and i made up for not seeing Herman to pick on him in rather short order. then we talked for like ever about where we were headed and what we wanted and other random and deep things that you can honly talk about with a good friend. i feel like after 7 years of friendship, i got a deeper look tonight. the great thign about Herman is that we are friends first. through all the stuff and changes and junk, we're still frends. he's one of my best and in the group of guys that is second to my brother and dad. a long time ago he said to me "this cant change our friendship" and somehow it never has. once he sadi that i would have no clue where he was when we were 35 unless we were sleeping together. i am determined to prove him wrong. so as we get ready to graduate college and start chasing our respective dreams him to grad school and me heaven only knows where a new maturer friendship is forming. And i cant wait to see where we end up.

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