March 7, 2005

celebrate good times c'mon!!

yay ya yay!! today i was scheduled for am i posting at 3 you ask...i'll tell you. Steve messed up the schedule. so there was no one scheduled from 8-11. so since missions conference should be over around then i offered to come in. so i got to leave early.!! and upon arriving home, i recieved a phone message that the guy from YFC who i have been wating to hear from left a message on my machine!!! i tried to call back but the line was busy so i decided to share my excitement before i tried again....YAY.....
Also, missions conference makes me happy. challenges me to remember what i'm called to. what i say i know God wants me to do and what i often forget to act like. not always the most fun of processes...but i love it anyway!

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