March 11, 2005

fe fie fiddly Eye oh
fe fie fiddly Eye oooooh
fe fie fiddly eye oh
Strummin' on the old Banjo jo jo jo

*+10 points to anyone who can name that song...+2o if you call me and sing it! :)

the paper with important tax iformation continues to be lost (currently all my numbers are filled in all right, but if i get audited i may have a time and a half explaining how i got them...pray i do not get audited!)

I swear why cant tax documents be written in english. i felt like i was reading Spanish. i can read spanish but sometimes i simply do not comprehend what i'm reading...i wanted to bash my head off the desk and scream "what!?!? why can't you just speak english!!! HOW WOULD I KNOW?!" My parents are wonderful. they answered questions like "What if i wasnt a KY or PA i like that guy in the movie terminal with no home?" without batting an eyelash...(in case you were worried, my mom assured me i was a PA resident. i'm still a tad sceptical, if i get audited SHE can explain that to the IRS)

but aside from that all, i'm celebrating. my taxes are done pending my mother returning from work and verifying that i did not make any horrendous life-ending mistakes.

how am i celebrating you ask? i'll tell you, i had a bag (lunch sized) of Doritos and a tall glass of Orange juice. tomorrow evening the celebration continues with a square dance. yes i have decided to celebrate by eatign and square dancing. if you have a problem with that, call my social co-ordinator....;) (you have reached abi's cell phone. i am not here right now.....)

I'll let you know how the square dancing goes

oh and another thing to celebrate. I am a vessel! the vessels are 4 year Class Clash Bash Champions. Woo whooo!! Kristen got me a shirt:) i love her...

Also i love my roomate. (that word should have only one M. i decided. i am the princess, this is my blog, one M it shall be!) she calle last night. i'm glad that she still thinks of me as someone to call when she is havign a rough day or something to celebrate or both. KT Mato ROX!

this is the end of today's lengthy blog.

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