April 13, 2012

Randomness of me. (or Link-Happy)

Miss Brenda and the Dog jumping. Circa 2008

You have GOT to check out my mom's latest post it has the cutest video ever of the SLD (Silly Little Dog). Once upon a time That dog fit in my purse. Also, I talked her through uploading a video to YouTube and posting it to her blog. Go me. Thinking of starting a business helping people do this kind of stuff. Refer people to me.

Ami got new shoes too. I do not have new shoes. I might need to go shopping.

Here is a good deal on reusable bags 5+a pouch for $22 shipped.

I like Hummus. I am eating it by dipping my finger in it. I ran out of pita bread and the pretzels are all downstairs. Hummus and pita bread are not a good snack while you're driving. Not that I tried it yesterday or anything.

Keep your eyes here for an update about the plants we started for the garden, and the some that have actually sprouted in the ground since last time!!

Mowing the yard this afternoon. Left my "mowing shoes" (which are also my hiking shoes and my walking in mud or snow shoes) in the trunk of the car and they went to work with Micah. I will have to wear a different pair. Strongly tempted to use this as an excuse not to mow. Also, Procrastinating by blogging randomness and trying to decide if I should start where the grass is longest in the back or in the front where all 3.5 people who drive past will see.

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AmiDawn said...

hummus and baby carrots is an easier snacking-while-driving type of thing... still not EASY but easiER

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