April 20, 2012

Garden update....

So, here I am again with another photo-loaded update on my garden that no one but me really cares about.

In the interest of keeping it real, I took this one photo of what's just to the east of my lovely beds. This is the last time I will take let alone post a photo of this, I don't want to talk about the fact that I'm gardening inches from a scrap heap (it's one of those things I barely notice anymore)....

Back inside the house our sprouts are growing gangbusters. We are supposed to put out the cabbage and broccoli this weekend, but it's going to be so cold at night that I think we'll just pamper them inside another week.

Look at my cute little salad cucumber. He's like Nemo with his "special fin" :)

I'd hate to appear too proud so I'll just tell you that NONE, not a single ONE, of my cherry tomato plants sprouted. I'm giving them another week and then I'm re-planting.
I have hit a new low, posting photos of dirt.

Did I mention last time that Micah has big plans that involve starting corn inside? "you won't be laughing when we have fresh corn on the cob a full month before anyone else" :) It's doing really well. It may be getting too big for it's pots though.

Outside I actually have some things in the ground! Not that you can really tell from this picture.
We've mowed the yard since this shot was taken.

The strawberries have little blossoms. I'm so looking forward to berries.

This is my spinach!! The first seeds I started a few weeks ago when I was dying to plant something. It is this year's first thing I planted in the ground outside to actually sprout. I guess it's more impressive in person.

By contrast, my garlic is looking really impressive, even in photos. I think the frost we had the last week got its poor little leaves but it is soldiering on..

I also have peas and onions in the ground. And a dog who I can't keep out of the beds.  Poor dear, he steps in the beds, I yell at him, and he hunkers down all submissive-like...still in the garden beds of course. How do you teach a dog that this particular patch of empty dirt is special?

Micah is planning to build a fence this weekend and maybe dig up a little more space. Ever the optimist, I'm going to put up trellises for the peas and tomatoes. Which WILL grow this year. and trim the grass around the beds.

Come visit, I promise all of this is more impressive in person. Plus, I'll probably send you home with a sprout or two. I started way more than I plan to plant. We're talking 8 extra tomato plants, 5 spare eggplant plants, and up to 9 spare peppers......


Heather said...

I found your blog from this post - http://mysquarefootgarden.net/pennsylvania-square-foot-gardening-plan/ which was so eerily similar to my experience last year that I had to stop and think whether or not I wrote the post myself and forgot about it. Then I found the link to your blog at the bottom and was reassured that I'm not that addle brained, and that there is another gardener here in PA just like me. :-)

Our neighbors, all most all amish, all start their corn indoors. I tend to think things like that are easier when you have 11 children who all start helping as soon as they can walk. (our neighbors gardens are gorgeous, amazing, and produce enough food to feed 11 children, plus visitors, for an entire year. She cans it all and doesn't even appear to have a compost pile for the slimy cukes she forgot. I'm in awe.)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm reading about your garden, and enjoying the posts!

Anastasia said...

Heather, glad someone's enjoying reading about my garden. most of my neighbors are Amish too!

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