January 6, 2011

New look in 2011

OOOKAY! Anyone compulsively checking my blog over the last 24 hours saw (quite) a few different layouts. If i had been thinking i'd have done screen captures as I went. but the process is lost forever.

I'm still not keen on the blurry flourishes,I can'tget them sharper without pixelation. But I really like how solid they are and cant find any crisper ones that make me happy. so they stay.

I cant decide if I like the plain grey background. maybe some pink dots are in order? Someday.

For now, I'm leaving it as is.


Miss Brenda said...

i like this better than the purple flowery background. That's the only other one i saw because I don't compulsively check your blog. I mean not obsessively compulsively.

TC said...

I've only seen this one, but I think the polka dots might be nice?

AmiDawn said...

big dots or little dots? i vote for little dots...

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