January 28, 2011

Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

I will never be a food blogger, let’s just start there.

My sister inspired this post. She’s blogging her adventures in cooking a real meal for her husband every night this week following Simplifried’s menu plans. So, because it sounded soo good, when she blogged it and out of a bit of sibling snottiness I pulled out the cast iron dutch oven, (one of two in this house only one of which is actually mine) and made chicken and veggies for dinner last night. It was good.

And I took pictures.

Pictures of veggies cut up in the cast iron dutch oven: potatoes, carrots, zucchini {are you out of your mind!?}, onion and an apple for good measure.

Pictures of seasonings under the skins of my chicken thighs

A picture of my spices all lined up with my cast iron dutch oven.

Pictures of my chicken thighs in the cast iron dutch oven

A picture of the pom poms on the table cloth, How cool is that!!??

A picture of the cast iron dutch oven in the oven.

And because I am a snot, and teasing siblings is the oldest’s prerogative, I took a picture of the rest of my cast iron pots and pans (minus the dutch ovens - one of which was in the oven and the other which is on display in the big fireplace in the other part of the house.)

And To further my point about not being a food blogger, there are no pictures of the final product.

*I learn something every time I blog. Prerogative: ORIGIN late Middle English : via Old French from Latin praerogativa ‘(the verdict of) the political division that was chosen to vote first in the assembly,’ feminine (used as noun) of praerogativus ‘asked first,’ from prae ‘before’ + rogare ‘ask.’
But still what’s with the silent R at the beginning? It’s not how I say it.


Abi said...

I have to ask. did you wash your hands and move the pot to the table everytime you took a picture. Seems like a lot of extra steps.
Sounds delicious though. and I am jealous of your cast iron-ness. Perhaps you'll go overseas again and leave it with me. I promise to take good care of it :)

Abi said...

flacryne - word your blog makes me type to post on it. I believe it has something to do with birds.

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