January 31, 2011


Meet my new laundry system.

This is Micah’s Grandmother’s old wringer washer.
Why a wringer washer, you may ask. You may also ask if I’ve totally lost it. I have not. There is a reason. There is some issue in the spring house that results in water flow issues in the house. So a regular washer besides lacking proper hookups would drain the cistern. (Hooking up the furnace took priority this fall over the ability for 5 people to take baths in a row or run a load of wash.)

Since the Laundromat it Knox is ridiculously expensive I started visiting family with my laundry basket. Angie and Karen should both get medals for patience.

In the meantime, I looked online and figured that a wringer washer could be a solution since you manually fill it (I use the green garden hose in the picture) and by some estimates it uses 3 times less water. So I started searching on Craigslist for one that worked and I could afford.

But all along there was Grandma’s machine sitting in the barn! Micah found it. We hauled it to the house, and I cleaned it up. This may have been sometime in October. We found out the motor for the agitator and wringer worked but it didn’t drain. (it has a gravity drain, the black hose in the photo) So I fiddled in the drain and pulled out some rocks and a penny. Unfortunately at this point it started leaking. Profusely. Oh, Irony. Lucky me, Micah fixed that too and we got it all set up this last week.

I have now done laundry in my own house for the first time since we came back. Take heart friends and family I will no longer arrive at your house with my laundry basket!!

I’ve only gotten my fingers caught in the wringers once. It’s all part of the adventure.


Brenda's Man said...

You are so retro! I love you!

Jullie said...

Ho! what a beautiful antiques I do remember how wringer washer,Clothes can wrap around the wringer and be torn ? Its you're already happened ?He commend is possible to see lady with washer-extractor and twist to see the clothes ( video)

Abi said...

I'll miss your visits :(

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