July 27, 2009


I typed my to do list today.
Under the heading "home" number 2 is "Tank?"
I officially have no clue what i should do once i finish folding my laundry.


Abi said...

knitting a tank cozy seems like as good a thing to do as any... how cute :)

Brenda's Man said...

OK here is something you can do today...tell me what is the difference between Flickr and Shutterfly? Is one better than the other? We want to post photos of church events on one of them and link it to our website. (which by the way is greybullcma.org) I paid good money for your education and you know more than I do so help me out!

Also, I LOVE the picture of the tank! And I hope you told Micah that Vermont IS a state, although there is a Vernon, MI...just FYI

Anonymous said...


your roomate

Abi said...

Wait - does that really work?
if so
Call me too!
Love your roommate
from way back.

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