July 27, 2009


I figured it out...I meant to type, "Ask Lubo for help getting the gas tank refilled."

Instead I typed "tank ?"

(I stood against the opposite wall to take this photo)
You see, the quaint little stove in my adorably small kitchen runs on a tank of propane, the same size and type as the one on my parents gas grill. When I want to cook I have to go outside, around the building and turn the gas on. And it ran out last week.

It should have had enough gas for another month or so. We figure it was leaking somewhere and due to the strong gas smell outside when we cook, we figure it is not inside. We also realize that it is a small miracle that we have not exploded our selves before now!
We knew there was probably a leak, but our thought process was that it was leaking outside and so there would not be a gas pocket collected to explode. The flaw in our thought process is that the tank sits in a little wooden box. It has probably filled with gas every time we cook. If there had been a spark, the box would have exploded and if the box exploded, the tank would have exploded and if the tank had exploded, the whole darn cottage and everything and one in it would have probably gone up. God is good.

This is as good a time as any to note that whoever designed my stove was not big on precision. It has 3 markings... 0, full circle and half circle. 2009Jul27_5878_1
I have yet to find a recipe that says preheat your oven to a little above the half circle. All the recipes I find have those pesky numbers in them!


Abi said...

:) my stove comes today. we paid extra for numbers.

AmiDawn said...

well u were never a numbers person anyway... seems like a good deal to me :)

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