July 29, 2009


I read a number of blogs. One of the blogs I read had a guest post today. A photographer who has been in the business almost 40 years.
He gave a formula for not being burnt out even after a lifetime of doing the same thing, "Embrace the People, Enjoy the Places (adventures), and be captivated by our incredible craft!" It sounded a to me like my dad's rules: "Respect your teammates, Have fun, Always do your best". So I checked out his blog. I wondered what other wisdom he would share after 40 years of photography and life.
I found this entry and I wanted to share part of it with you all. I suggest you click on the link and read the whole thing. His photogrpahy is beautiful and his blog has many more great entries.
My life philosophy is pretty simple, there is a God, and I’m not Him, but He loves me and truly cares about me, and I can rest in the assurance that He is watching over me, and has a plan for my life. Now some people would say “how can you know that?” I understand their skepticism. When I come into a room in my house, and it is dark, I reach for the light switch and turn on the lights. I never doubt that they will come on, 99.99999% of the time they do. After a while you just act in faith that the lights will work. I’ve had that same faith in God for almost fifty years. In all that time He has never failed me! That’s a better percentage than the light switch!

Have I seen difficult times, sure, we all do. Have I had illness or lost loved ones, of course, we all face those things too. The important thing is that ... God has always wrapped me in His overwhelming love at every difficult moment. In every difficult time taught me important lessons.

Why am I sharing this and why do I do this...? Because if at the end of my life, one person heard these words and decided to accept that love that God offers, then I will have done something worth while. Is there risk in writing these words? Sure, nothing in life is without risk. I just happen to think the reward is worth the risk. The vastness of God’s love is not cheap, but, it’s worth the price, and that price has already been paid.

Amen. Great is Thy Faithfulness.

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Brenda's Man said...

I haven't said nearly enough how proud I am of my daughters. They are a joy to me and whatever I had to do with their character development has been rewarded 100 times over. Yes, God's faithfulness is greater than can be imagined.

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