July 1, 2009



I noticed this in the skirt i was wearing the other day. I have never seen something like this in a piece of clothing before. I got it second hand and I am pretty sure it was washed before I got it. and i'm certain that i have both washed and worn the skirt.

The question is, will i get a disease and die a horrible death? will the skirt police come and take me or my skirt away?

Have you ever seen anything like this before?

Also, I'm an aunt again. Sad thing is I wont get to meet the dude till he is almost a year old :( there will be 3 of those this year.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

That is a weird tag. If nothing has happened to you yet I think your in the clear, but I could be wrong.

Miss Brenda said...

Just cut on the dotted line. It is some sort of tracking device. So your whereabouts are known by the international fashion police. Be very careful where you dispose of it. Consider just slipping it in someone's purse on the train.

Abi said...

did the government abduct you for wearing the tag in the shirt? what are you doing? where are they holding you? if you cut it out will they let you go? News please!

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