May 11, 2006


It has been an exciting 7th full week in Presov. Come to think of it, I haven’t had a dull week yet.

Friday, I purchased bus tickets to Prague! Well technically Paly helped and did all the talking and I just paid for them. But it is still exciting because that means that in 15 days I will be getting on a Bus to meet my wonderful suitemate Kristen in Prague! I believe that good friends and affordable weekends in Exotic places are God’s apology for culture shock!!

Last weekend I spent some time alone in my room refreshing with God. I am still trying to find the right balance of time alone to refresh and accomplish things and spending enough time with other people so that I don’t become isolated and homesick.

Monday was a national holiday and I went hiking with a group from church. We went to Slovensky Raj (Slovak Paradise) and “hiked in the river”. I did not realize that we would be actually IN the river, I thought it was a case of second language communication and not having the right word. But no, we were Literally IN the river. This made my sneakers very inadequate footwear (I don’t own hiking boots) and I learned a few new words, “Spadla” (I fell) and “som mokra” (I am wet) “vel’my mokra” (very wet!). I had a good time, though. It was a nice day and I enjoyed it very much. Again on this trip, my Eagle Scout and other outdoorsy-type friends would be proud of me. And the ankle I turned that one time I slipped already feel just fine again.

Tuesday I was back to work and as an answer to your prayers I met with the lady who will be teaching me Slovak for the rest of this year. She doesn’t speak much English, but her Slovak is Excellent :) She told me that I am a good learner and she thinks in another 2 or 3 months I will be able to function in Slovak. Very exciting news. We will meet twice a week for 2 and a half hours.

Wednesday I finished editing another video to be played behind worship and a camera arrived from Ireland. It is an big old camera that will work for CampFest and worship festivals to send signal to the screens but not for recording video. It came in a case that we are pretty sure I could fit in if the padding was removed. It has not been attempted, yet. I’m trying to discourage this experimentation.

Today Roman and I played with the new camera figuring out what all the buttons do and how to make it be in Color! Later today I will talk with Marian about another video, proof the one I finished yesterday, and who knows what else! I am getting better at not having everything all planned out so far in advance. I will also be trying to avoid having my picture taken by Paly who got a new digital camera. Boys and their new toys are the same worldwide!

Things here at MPK are moving along. The Café had carpet installed yesterday. It is starting to look very good, everyone is excited to see it open. Someone from Switzerland might be coming to help Rišo with booking the bands for CampFest which would be a major answer to prayer! Yesterday they signed the contract to secure the site of CampFest this year. Next year, a new location must be found. This is a major prayer request. There is one place that they are looking at but there seems to be just too many details to work out. Please Pray with us that God will lead in the direction He would have this ministry go.

Please Pray:
~ that I will form relationships here and bond with people.
~ that the things still needed for my Visa will come together
~For CampFest preparations
~ That Someone will come to help start the ministry in Banská Bystrica

Thank you For praying!

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