May 23, 2006

cutlure shock?

so, is it part of culture shock to start seeing things? like people start to look like people you know. so far i've seen Rachel DeSantes, Guy Chmeleski, Ray Meals, Allison Knight, and J-Ed. of course if you know something i don't and some of these folks actually have been in Presov and didn't come visit me, let me know. my feelings would be hurt of course, but at least i would know i am not going totally crazy!!!


Minion said...

Stasi, you've always been compleatly crazy. :-P Love ya

this princess said...

gee, thanks matt!

KTmato said...

I think I've seen about 30 people in Cincinnati who don't live in Cincinnati
It's not culture shock it's a lack of genes in people and we all look alike. Tell J-ed I said hi!

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