May 19, 2006

8 weeks = 2 months!!

Greetings from 8 weeks in. The past week was a good one, one in which I took a lot of pictures.

Over the weekend, I photographed a conference on Family issues. The thing about taking pictures of a conference is that once you get pictures of all the speakers, and a few shots of people looking interested it gets a lot trickier to find things to take pictures of.

Monday I took over 200 pictures of Presov for the 24/10 Prayer that is coming up in Presov. They will be blown up and hung in the prayer room. Most of them are of the churches schools and government buildings but some are the big picture of the center of PO and along the way I took a few that I wanted to have. I have updated my pictures page at Flickr, if you’re interested ( )

I also had 2 Slovak lessons and my teacher told Marian, that I am the second best student she’s had in the four years that she has been teaching Slovak. I’m taking that as a high compliment and not asking how many students she has had :)

The past week I have been working on a video of the 23rd Psalm. Yesterday Roman and I tweaked the video. It was good to work with him. We are getting to be more able to communicate as his English and my Slovak both improve. Thank you for praying.

Upcoming this next week is the start of work on the Campfest videos, retweaking the Vision poem video and a trip to Prague to meet up with My suitemate from college, Kristen.

I just found out that another American has moved back to Presov after having trouble with her leg. We have not met yet. Please pray that we will be able to connect.

There are a lot of details/issues concerning Campfest (Aug 10-13) that seem not to be coming together. We would appreciate your prayers! Usually they borrow/rent 6 cameras and so far only 3 are for sure available besides having technical problems with the switchers and volunteers to run the cameras (I’m personally invested in this particular problem).
Also, there are possible problems with getting the tents, and also with the “propogations” as they call it, we’d say advertising :) There have been problems both in getting the information gathered and put together and also with printing.
The website is not totally finished yet. And for a variety of reasons, (money, the date, the busy-ness of the liasons, bands backing out, miscommunications,) the program is not filled yet and it is getting late to find bands that don’t already have their summers full.
The office is buzzing here. I’m sure that God must want to do great things this summer since Satan is working so hard to screw this up!

Also the center is coming along well with some minor problems, like the wrong size windows for the studio. Someone donated most of the money we needed for the new roof, things could come out exactly to the Krown. But there is the more distinct possibility that some things will have to wait on funds to be finished. It looks so good down stairs though!! Well in the cafĂ© part, the studio still has big holes in the walls and stuff but you can tell it’s coming together!

Please Pray:
~That I will be able to learn Slovak
~For Campfest preperations
~That I will form relationships
~ For Safety on my bus trip to Prague
~For a continued Sense of Purpose and God’s Direction

Your prayers make all the difference. Thank you!


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Kristen said...

i got a shout out! holla!

:) i am SO EXCITED about prague!!!

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