May 17, 2006

free association

do you know what's funny? well i'll tell you, when Roman sings, that is funny.
You must understand that Roman sings in English. But other than when he sings, we do not communicate without a dictionary close by! When I catch parts of his songs though and can laugh with him because they sre silly or can sing along, we connect pretty well.
PLUS, he chooses his songs by free association near as i can figure. Sometimes it's just nice to know that someone else has that sort of music in them.
And sometiems it's downright funny today it's stormng outside and i just overheard Roman singing It's Raining Men. this is wonderful to me partly becasue it is a weird song for him to be singing and mostly because he sings in English and most of all because this is not unusual. Someone mentions something that happened yesterday, and we're all treated to a few bars of the Beatles.
Everytime i smile. sometimes i laugh out loud! I cant help myself!

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