July 7, 2005


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Micah and Jimmy came to Mars for the weekend of the 4th...it was a great fiasco getting them here...Jimmy's flight got canceled but we didnt get that information to Micah before he left home so he was sitting at the Akron Airport looking for jimmy whose last name he forgot and jimmy was stranded in philly looking for a flight to western PA...but eventually everyone made it to mars :)
we went into pittsburgh on saturday and took int eh History center, met up with Baird, Anna, Schwartz & Sawa at Primantis...the service almost killed poor jimmy then we went and hung out in the park...split up Baz and I and our guys did the incline Baird Anna Schwartz & Sawa went elsewhere but Micah and I met up withthem in Bairds pool later that evening...sunday was church and relaxing and Micah left...Jimmy stayed nad did the 4th in mars...i took over 100 pictures...i've posted some of them....the end...i must go do somethign productive now...like leave for work in 45 minutes...have a great day!

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