July 6, 2005


it is bad e-mail ettiquite to send a 6009KB msg to someone unsolicited...that is all i am going to say aobut hte subject line...though you my loyal readers (ha) may be glad he did cause now i am waiting for it to finish loading so my e-mails i wrote will send...and out of it all, you get a post!
i took 6 rolls of film this weekend....Jimmy & micah came to mars...yay...it was fun...if i had a decent internet connection i would upload some of my pics to Flikr...i will keep trying...some are cute...the ones with micah in them at least :) it's kinda weird...abi told jimmy that he's different from everyone else i've dated so she thinks it'll be over in short order or last a good long time...oh one or the other...she's right about the different thing though...like none else...what am i doing...he was playing with these kids at church sunday night...he had a stick (somehow he always ends up with a stick...even if he has to pull it off of fort necessity...jsut another thing that makes him unlike any other) and the kids wanted it....5 or 6 little boys puling with allt hey had and micah is just holding on with one hand...it took ashley tickling him and the stick breaking for the boys to get it...it was hot. yeah so what if i'm biased...he stopped reading this...cause i write aobut him some times and he felt like he was prying....at least i think he stopped reading this...oh well i only put htings here i want to be found out anyway...
its a weird sort of passive way of yelling from the rooftops....
its probably comprable to yelling from the rooftoops but speaking yiddish...or maybe not:) ok now im jsut rambling
Today you will realize that your biggest problem is indecisiveness. Or possibly procrastination. Tomorrow may be a better day to figure out which.
update on Slovakia...no movement. i am frustrated with myslef...of course all that does is mess with me more....i feel like i have reached an impasse (i like the word impasse) i can not get anyone to tell me with any degree of certainty what i will be doing once i arrive in Slovakia...this is bothersome to me....also it puts a crimp in myfundraising efforts cause peopel wnat to know what i'll be doing...i guess i could make something up but i feel abad doing that...i'm supposed to be gettting a CD in the mail but it was to have been sent over a week ago though....no sign of it yet.....pray that i get motivated wether i get the information i need
OYE FINALLY...ok going to do some stuff...
Alex tells me that supersoaker was supposed to be a company to make toilet bowl cleaners.....i'm not sure how i feel aobut this....but i think i believe him
send me an e-mail or leave a msg or call if youre around maybe we'll do something sometime

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