February 5, 2011


Ok fine, so it's a week into February. What's your point?
At this rate I may never blog (or even begin) my new years resolutions. I'm going to start calling them my groundhogs day resolutions. I'm still behind that way but not so bad. Anyway that post is coming. But I don't want to be negative so this post is about stuff we actually DID in January.

We started off the new year in MD at Ami & Mark's new place. Fun was had by all. it was even warm enough one day to hit the playground.

We also spent time in State College where Micah "finished" Nate & Angie's basement and I did laundry. The before photos are all in my 2010 folder so you don't get to see them.
I can't believe that I didn't already blog this. One evening in the middle of a snow storm we drove to Cranberry to pick up a movie and check the price of something at Sears. We ended up running into Ollie's and on a whim purchased "scratch and dent" laminate flooring. We took it home and installed it that night. Micah had to make another ill advised trip out int he snow storm for more flooring and we didn't watch the movie. But the bathroom floor looks nice doesn't it?Oh and Ben & Leah got married. I did the photography and Micah gave a toast. Both went well. (Except that Micah's toast was so short that I didn't get a good picture. I am my mother's daughter)
So January is over, February is flying by and the adventure continues.


Nate & Angie said...

LOVE the bathroom floor!
I'll have to send you some new "finished" basement pictures without the tools and dirt and nail holes (not that I've painted yet).
Wedding photos look amazing. You're an excellent photographer.
Miss you both.

TC said...

Oh that photo of the bride and (who I'm assuming is) the flower girl is priceless. Love it.

Abi said...

I keep checking.. maybe today something will happen in your life? love you.

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