December 27, 2007

thinking in Slovak

I speak English differently when I am thinking about Slovakia or to a Slovak person. When i was over there last year I worried that I might permanently loose my already precarious grasp of the proper usage of articles, proper verb conjugations and prepositions. (Mrs. Pringle would be so disappointed in me)
I was writing a short e-mail note to the YFC/MPK folks in Slovakia just to wish them all a merry christmas. i found myself typing things like "...wish very much that we can come..." and "we are having trouble to raise" and "please tell everyone in MPK office"

In other (kind of a downer) news: In spite of the fact that, over the past 5 days, we have celebrated Christmas in all the places we might ever consider home: our apartment, my grandmothers house, my parents house, Micah's parents house, I am feeling homesick for the place that i have never lived. I honestly thought we'd celebrate our first Christmas in the Low Tatra mountains at the YFC Ranch this year. I have to remind myself that sharing our first christmas with all our relatives is a huge blessing and that God's timing is never wrong.


TC said...

Those phrases DO sound just like emails I get from my Slovak friends :)

When are you two going back? For some reason I thought it was before now. I know that homesick feeling: it just is sometimes, logical or not.

Hope you had a good Christmas regardless.

Stasi said...

TC, We did plan to be back WAY before now, i didn't even bring most of my winter clothes home with me. But God had different plans for us. We hope to be back in the next few months.

Abi said...

You forgot to mention you celebrated Christmas in the Tavern... It was good that you were here for Christmas, it was such a blessing to those of us who would have been homesick for you this Christmas if you were in Slovakia.

AmiDawn said...

hey i request a 2008 post!!! miss you love you

Abi said...

Starved for information about the Henries here in NY! How about a new years update?

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