December 14, 2007


Things I like
~Vacation on the beach with fireworks each night.
~Street Luge with two old men and a broken car.
~Driving my "Cute Lil Thang" Roxy down the Highway.

Things I do not like
~Having my car stolen.
~Caravanning with truckers.
~Doing the dishes for a beach house full of people.
~Waking up from all these weird dreams.

*edit* yes, all of these were the contents (that i remember) of a night worth of really weird dreams.

PS does anyone know if Giraffes have an aversion to standing on level surfaces? or did my brain make that up last night.


Anonymous said...

WHAT??!?!?! so your car wasn't stolen?!?!?! or it was... I'm so confused...

PS I got glasses!

the roomate

Stephen said...

I'm really trying to do everything right. I am to hard on myself.


KyraLynne said...

umm...well...I'm not sure. In my dreams, planes are made of legos and perfectly safe to fly
-they just fall apart upon landing, and leopards can jump up onto 19th story balconies...and morph into tigers at random.... And when I walk out of store, the parking lot is full of silver '05 Hyundai Sonata GLS's that all unlock when I push the button....

TC said...

Wow... sounds like an interesting dream!!!

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