January 13, 2012

Not really flattering

So I'll get to posting my list of things to do in 2012 eventually. Ironically, one of them is blog.

Another 2012 thing is that I joined a group of women from our church in an accountability roundtable.  We each read a certain number of chapters form the old and new testaments and report to the next person in the chain that we did so. I made it through Job last year (pretty good considering I usually get bogged down somewhere in Chronicles) so I'm doing a Psalm, a chapter of Proverbs, two old testament chapters and two new testament chapters.

All that to say I spent the last few days in Song of Solomon. There's some reall weird sweet talk in there. I wouldn't mind being told that my feet look good in sandals or that my thighs are like jewels the work of a master hand. But I'm pretty sure I would not swoon if someone, even a king, told me that my belly is a heap of wheat, encircled with lilies or that my nose looks like the tower of Lebanon.

But I was willing to read the spirit of the book and ignore some "compliments" that were hopefully more meaningful to an ancient Israelite woman. And anyway, modern sweet talk is jsut as weird (hunny-bunny snuggle bottom poopsie snookums...gag!). Then I got to verse 5 in chapter 7 and I was stopped cold.... Your head crowns you like a Camel.  I imagined the claymation camels from Wil Vinton's Christmas special (Star of wonder star of light doobie do....) and was unable to imagine tha being a compliment that you'd want recorded for future generations.
Man, Solomon, that could NOT have been what you meant!

So I re-read it. Oh, not "a camel" Caramel....sounds sticky (and vegetables start singing..."we're goin' to the promised land!") WAIT. Carmel. Like Mount Carmel.

How is that any better? Apparently, "Biblically, Mt. Carmel is referenced most often as a symbol of beauty and fertility.  To be given the "splendor of Carmel" was to be blessed indeed (Isa 35:2)
 I don't see it.

Anyway, I have had We Three Kings stuck in my head all day. And you will not win any points by comparing my head to a rock.


nancyann said...

I think I have been told that I am very hard headed though!

Brenda's Man said...

I feel bad that I missed this one earlier. But now that I am catching up...
I believe you are beautiful no matter what you wish to compare yourself to.
And for the record - you can never go wrong with claymation!

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