August 21, 2008


Last Saturday, Micah and I went hiking in the Prosiecka Dolina.
Prosiecka Dolina

Micah is really the one who likes hiking. I just like to take pictures. We have a good deal, I go hiking with him and try not to complain and he waits while i take pictures and tries not to complain.
Field of Wildflowers

The particular trail we took was written up in a photocopied flier that we got from the info center. It rated the trail as good for older people or children...

So micah wore his new sandals, because if older people could do it, he could do it in sandals.
we want to know who rates hiking trails in Slovakia? We can not imagine our grandmothers doing this.

the trail did end at a pretty neat water fall
Stasi with the Vodopad!

I took over 100 photos and Micah climbed a tree.
Micah up a Tree
do you think I will get in trouble for posting this one?


Stephen James said...

I never realized how beautiful the Caucasus's were until a few months ago when I looked them up. I can't remember if I mentioned last time that we bought a house. Next, we are getting a white picket fence and making sure poor people don't move into the neighborhood. FYI, we will be in Germany in October for 2 weeks. Closest we will probably be will be Munich though, and that Austria is kinda in the way. :-)

AmiDawn said...

but the real question is: do micahs new sandals still look any semblence of new?

Miss Brenda said...

I am pretty sure your grandmothers couldn't climb the tree.
Did you get your package?

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