August 20, 2008


Guess who's coming back to the states!!! We're planning to spend the first day sleeping the rest of the first week doing our best to get Judah and Meghan married in style and without incident! and then who knows, what adventures the USofA has in store for us. We're contemplating (and trying to figure out the gas prices) driving across the country to Wyoming. Life was much simpler before my parents moved 20+ hours away from Micah's parents.


TC said...

Awww, super exciting! :)

And seriously, drive it!!!! No, really. Even if it's expensive. Driving together as a form of travel is really and truly worth it.

Abi said...

or come to my house! :) we cant go with you sorry, i know that wasnt in the plans, we just cant do that to micah or mostly ourselves. Love ya

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