January 29, 2008

Hey I put my new shoes on!!

YAY!! a happy theme song for my tuesday!!

well, Technicaaly, they are socks, but look how cool they are!! and i guess they weren't NEW today, they were a christmas gift thtat accidentally got put away in the wrong place and it's the first time i've worn them. they are soft and wonderful!!!!

and i put on a pair of sneakers that had gotten burried with my flip flops.

and suddenly everyhting is right!!


TC said...

Very cute!

Wish toe socks didn't bother me so much :(

And flip flops... oh how how I want to wear flip flops. Sigh.

AmiDawn said...

there was a girl wearing flipflops at lunch on sunday... and i love ur socks im a lil bit jealous actually.

Abi said...

these socks are FABULOUS!!!

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