January 26, 2008


Ganz Meine Meinung!!!
:) :)
this is my new favorite phrase (in german)

it means "i agree COmpletely!"

my cousin Sarah taught it to me

i am using it every chance I get.

Micah would like to learn how to say contemptable. i think my enthusiasm is overwhelming to him!!


Abi said...

We watched a movie ALL in German last night... I think you should get Sarah to teach you to say 'nonsense' in German, it sounds funny.

Abi said...

Thank you, web designer... you are lovely!

AmiDawn said...

question: i was blogging today and it just kept typing forever and did not wrap itself around... is that something i did? also, my font has not been the same for two consecutive posts... is that my fault? love you.

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