August 21, 2007

Obviously, i have a rather loose interpretation of "A Slovakia Update in the next few days". but anyway, here is one....kind of....
i'm going to try and do better about posting here. maybe tomorrow i'll tell you all about why and how we buy our internet from a barber.

I know I’ve been out of communication for a while, but I have a good excuse (I think so anyway) and he’s sitting on the couch right next to me while I type this letter. I spent the last few months in wedding planning mode. Micah and I got married at the end of June and after our honeymoon in California, and getting settled into our new apartment in Grove City, PA, I am getting settled back into missionary mode and you are getting the update that I owe you as well as a brief introduction to Micah.
I figured that rather than me trying to describe him, I’d let Micah share his vision and calling in his own words

“For the last few years God has impressed on my heart that He has a plan to use the talents and skills that He has given me for His glory. I feel like God has called me to work and use my hands to share His love by meeting the needs of his people. I mostly shrugged this off, however, as something that would never come to fruition. The vision that God had placed in my heart was not one of great evangelistic work, and so I never thought that I would pursue full-time mission work.

But praise God, He had other plans. As you know, Stasi recently spent a year in Slovakia. It was during this time that God began broadening my limited view of how he calls and uses people in His service. I could no longer avoid pursuing God’s call just because it would not fit into a classical view of full-time missions. I began praying that God would show me how He wanted to use me, and that if God wanted Stasi and me to be married, that He would show us a place where we both could serve Him.

Neither of us thought that this would end up being in Slovakia. But after seeing the need at the ranch, the role that it will play in realizing Youth for Christ’s vision for change and revival in Slovakia, and how God could use us both there as part of His master plan, we both know that this is where God wants us to be.

I don’t think that I can fully relate to you just how unqualified I feel to be the caretaker/manager at YFC’s ranch/camp. But I do know that our God is able to do above and beyond all that we can think or imagine possible. And since God goes before us, I know that we have nothing to worry about.”

At the end of September Micah will be doing in the cross cultural training that I did before I left for Slovakia last year and I will be joining him so that we can learn and process together. After that training, the only thing we need before we can leave for Slovakia is to complete our fundraising.

Because we will be ministering in a different area and capacity than I was in last year, and because there are two of us now, our budget has gone up from what I had to raise for last year. In addition to the up front costs we need to raise, we need to receive $3,200 in monthly pledges. YFC’s policy is that we must have all our support pledged before we can set a departure date, but it is our goal to be in Slovakia before the end of October.

We believe that God will raise up a team of people who will join with us in our ministry through prayer and financial support, and we hope that you will continue be a part of that team. If you gave to my ministry last year would you please pray about continuing your support and possibly increasing your pledge? If you never took that chance last year would you pray and ask God where you fit in our new ministry? But most importantly would you please keep us in your prayers, as we raise support and prepare to go?

Keep your eyes open for our next update, we’ll share more details about our ministry in Slovakia then.

Still Living an adventure,
Micah & Stasi Henry

P.S. Because Micah and I combined accounts, we are starting from zero. If you plan to continue giving on a prior pledge, YFC needs to receive a new donor slip. Please fill out and send in the slip at the bottom of this letter.

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