August 29, 2007

glasses & the internet

I have given up on having good hair. I am settling for having clean hair...and really good looking new glasses :)
Just so you know, my face isn't really purple. I have no clue what is wrong with my white balance

Also, you may be wondering, why all the posting? most of the answer is that it beats doing the dishes.
The real answer is that last week after having little or no internet in the appartment, I went over to the barber shop across the street and asked if he would give us the password to his wireless internet in exchange for a small fee. After convincing him that I was "the nerd" in my marriage and he didn't need to discuss this with my husband, and after assuring him that neither of us would hack into his business account, he gave me the password.
And, since I braved the barber shop, Micah put away the groceries. Somehow the egg noodles ended up in the refrigerator. But we have internet and I didnt have to carry the groceries up the steps, so I'm not complaining.


Abi said...

I know the truth, you post so much because the computer has to be close to the window to get reception, and the jelly bellies are close to the window too... so tell the truth, you are posting so often to be close to the jelly bellies... (btw I posted something)

TC said...

Wow, I don't check back for a couple of days and look what we have...

Katie said...

Hey Stas,
I live in Garland, it's about 2 hours from Waco. Are you going to be in TX sometime soon??

Meg said...

i stumbled across your blog from Abi's - and read a few entries. (i'm pretty much a stalker.)

seems like you're doing well :) Congrats on your marriage!!

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