February 14, 2007

just a random thought

do you know what Kevin Bacon looks like?
i don't think he's really all that attractive. (though i may be wrong, sometimes i don't agree with others about what is attractive)
i wonder why anyone would WANT to be 6 degrees away from him? why not pick a more attractive star. or maybe the idea isn't that you're close but see how far you actually can stay from him?



TC said...

I think it's because, many years ago, Kevin Bacon was IT.

He was one of THE A-Star actors... and used to be semi-attractive.

Stasi said...

I'm just skeptical

TC said...

I understand. :)

Katie said...

I'm not allowed to comment on the looks of famous men (now that I'm married and all). But, I've gotta say, you do have weird taste in men... (future hubby not included-- since I haven't met him yet.) But from some of your previous guys... I would have to say that you are being too hard on Kevin Bacon.

Rachel said...

Hmmm...good thought? I will fall asleep wondering to myself...why Kevin Bacon? Why God?

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