February 8, 2007


"Occasionally, one realizes that a primary objective of family is to be embarrassing." ~Elise at indie etiquette
and furthermore, to quote Hayley Wojdowski "there are no lifeguards in the gene pool"

disclaimer: My family (and the additional family i'll be gaining in June) has been nothing but wonderful in all the craziness of me leaving the country and then planning a wedding and then thinking about leaving the country again. i love them deeply, but occasionally one finds a quote that must be preserved because of it's truth, regardless of it's timeliness. this is one of those times.
(also they DID talk about having a 50/50 raffle and wheelbarrows at the wedding)



TC said...

then thinking about leaving the country again.

Where are you thinking of heading?!?!

Stasi said...

We are heading back to Slovakia after the wedding

Katie said...

WHAT?? You're kidding... Ok... when is the wedding? I want to see you b4 you go away again! Will you be staying there another year? Or longer?

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