March 31, 2006

week 1 in Slovakia

Some of you I’m sure were worried that I had dropped off the face of the earth. That is not the case, I promise, I just left the country, that’s all. “just” :) Presov is still in Slovakia. And I am still sure that it is where I’m supposed to be!

I am currently living in a room under the flat of one of my co-workers, next door to his brother, and upstairs from his parents. The bathroom is across the hall (or will be once it is finished this weekend) and I’m sharing a kitchen with Paly, Ivetka and their 1 year old daughter Clara. Everyone here is so very nice. My nearest meltdown was in the Tesco when I couldn’t read any labels on the butter. I think that if this is my biggest problem so far, I’m doing ok!

My current projects include getting a visa and a bus pass and sorting out exactly what projects I will be working on the next year with Roman, who is currently doing the video work. Also, I have started learning some Slovak already. They tell me that my accent is good but so far, I can produce just a bit less than Clara!

I have already accomplished a lot, my first trip to the supermarket, riding a city bus, and figuring out which of the two buttons above the toilet to push. (the big one for big jobs and the smaller one for smaller visits, makes so much sense if you think about it) I’m getting better at just asking!

Please pray!
~That I will be able to remember the names of my co-workers and get to know them better in spite of the language barrier
~That there will not be any problems with getting my Visa
~That I will be able to recall and produce the Slovak I am learning
~That I will keep a servant attitude, and catch God’s vision for my year here!

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