May 31, 2005

ok, so the updating is long overdue...sorry.

i'm back from Denver....and i leave for indiana next wedensday for more training(the 7-15th) it'll be more adventure, i'm lookign forward to a panicky sort of way

also i'm looking forward to stopping in Ohio on the way back...and i dont like ohio...i'm farily smitten with one if its residents though....on that front all is know the point a bit in when you realize that the person youre dating is deeper than you thought....not that you didnt hink they were deeper..but that you get to see's about ogres...and onions...and parfaits....(ev'ry body like parfaits!!) yeah like's's gotten to the fun stage...of course jsut when i cnat see him near as often as i'd like....I've gotten to see him a few times since school ended (for him) and cell phones with free night and weekend minutes after 7 are nice too...there are plans to meet halfway sometime after my return...and two hours isnt really that long

I wrote my first YFC newsletter today and got it approved through the World Outreach office...eep...i'm in the middle of putting togehter a mailing list...if you want to be on it let me might already be but can't hurt to e-mail me your address so i'm sure i have it right...PLUS i like to get e-mail

i'm working a lot...830-5 three sundays in a row some unexplicable has to do with me taking time off for training and lynn being on vacation and brooke being sick and now i am leaving again and requesting off weeks at a time (which does wonders for my paycheck)....but once i return we'll have a conversation about me working in "stop scheduling me before noon on sundays!!!" in the meantime i'm permanent in photo and a raise shuld be coming soon or so they tell me...

speaking of work i'm headed there tomorrow mornign so i'm headed to bed right now!
sweet dreams
all that jazz


Anonymous said...


just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

Anonymous said...


great forum lots of lovely people just what i need

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

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